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Dogwood Farm Kennels

Where Dogs Are Family

Grooming Services

Bathing and grooming services are by appointment. We will provide you with an estimate based on the notes below and discuss any changes, if necessary, when you arrive based on your dog's size and coat condition.


Full-service grooming starts at $45.00 and grooming fees increase depending on basic coat condition, size of dog and cut requirements. All grooming includes bathing, ear cleaning and nail clipping. Nail clipping alone is $10.

To make an appointment for Grooming

Please Call Wendy at:



Basic baths start at $25 for small dogs and go up to $65 for very large, long-haired dogs that require brushing as well as bathing. All baths include an Organic Tearless Blueberry Facial, Deep Coat Conditioning, Ear cleaning, and Nail clipping. Brushing out excessive tangles and mats (necessary for a proper bath) will require an additional fee. 

To make an appointment for Bathing Please Call:


We are proud to offer a 10% discount to all first-responders and all active military families. We also offer 10% off to the wonderful team of Polk County teachers